Project Name: Repair Retaining Wall and Repoint Walkways
at the Park Headquarters at Kings Mountain Headquarters
Client: Dept Of Interior/ National Park Service
Project Status: Complete

In 1940, during the initial construction of the park headquarters and other visitor facilities the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed the masonry walls. Many areas along the wall are showed significant deterioration. The stones were breaking apart leaving significant voids in the wall, which were affecting the structural integrity of the wall. The deteriorating stones are creating an unsightly appearance of the wall for those visiting the park headquarters. To correct the problem, we replaced the deteriorated stones and repointed all of the joints in the wall. These features are contributing features to the cultural landscape of the park. Our repair will preserve these historic assets and provide for continued integrity of the retaining wall.

This project repairs approximately 5300 square feet of historic stonewalls located at the park headquarters parking lot. The wall is seven feet high at one and two foot tall at the other. The work included dismantling and replacement of deteriorating stones. All sections of the wall required repointing.

The Kings Mountain NMP Headquarters Building was constructed in 1941 with CCC labor. The flagstone walkways follow the footprint of the building around the north, south, east, and part of the west exterior. A wide flagstone walk joins the main entrance and the main park drive. Some of the flagstone were flaking and mortar joints cracking and breaking loose from stones. In many locations the stones settled into the base causing a trip hazard. This project involved minor repairs to the walkways around the Headquarters building that lead to the parking lot. The work included taking up flagstone as needed, repairing the base, and replacing flagstone in its original pattern. The park remained open to the public, safety was our number one priority to insure a quality and safe project.